Biodose - A Total Medication Management
System (ToMM)

Biodose, the world's first Total Medication Management System (ToMM), provides for the first time ever, the ability to dispense and monitor liquid and solid oral medications together. Pharmacy Prime is the only pharmacy in Ireland to supply this new and innovative system.

The system, its software and accessory range provide an intelligent alternative for pharmacists, care homes, and hospitals wishing to provide their patients with the most efficient platform for organizing and managing medication regimens. The incorporation of Biocote antimicrobial technology into Biodose effectively eliminates the transfer of MRSA in care environments, giving pharmacists excellent infection control.

The Biodose monitored dosage system (MDS) includes full hardware and 'do it' software suite, securely sealing each tray, which is individually date stamped and contains patient ID, together with drug and dosage details. The software is very easy to use, allowing pharmacists to dispense whilst simultaneously printing Patient Information Charts (PIC) - (see right), Medication Administration Record (MAR) charts (see left) and the pod seals. Pharmacists now have a far more comprehensive and efficient alternative to existing MDS systems, through the introduction of Biodose.







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